Ann Roe

My name is Ann Roe and I am a Qualified Play Therapist (PGD). I have trained with The Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy affiliated to Canterbury Christchurch University in the United Kingdom. I am also a Qualified Healthcare Play Specialist registered with NAHPS UK (BTEC Level 4 Professional Diploma in Specialised Play for Sick Children and Young People). Over the years I have completed various other training courses in first aid, child protection, non-violent intervention and confronting bullying.


I have worked with children for more than twenty years and during this time I have had the privilege of working with various organisations including child welfare agencies, hospitals, schools and institutional facilities. Each organisation, through the use of distinctive modalities of play to enable children to cope with life’s “ups and downs”, has allowed me to gain the extensive knowledge and experience needed to develop my own distinct methods of play.  It is that unique combination of play that I will incorporate into Footsteps Play Therapy. My role as therapist is to identify what children need and to guide them through this therapeutic process. My own life experience as a parent and the vast knowledge gained over the years has given me a keen awareness and appreciation of children's needs.

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