Welcome to Footsteps Play Therapy


Footsteps is a safe and confidential therapeutic service providing a calming, relaxing facility that empowers children and adolescents, enabling them to deal with their emotional and social difficulties in order to reach their full potential. Footsteps works with three modalities of therapy so please do check out the following page links.

"Play Therapy is based upon the fact that play is the child's natural medium of self-expression. It is an opportunity which is given to the child to 'play out' his feelings and problems just as, in certain types of adult therapy, an individual can ‘talk out' his difficulties."

Virginia Axline

Keeping your child safe

Play therapy is a confidential service with the child being the client but the play therapist does work with the parents/carers also to ensure that the child is given the best service possible. This confidentiality is binding with the only exception being if there is a disclosure of abuse by a child within a session or a fear for the child's safety. While working within a school the play therapist works within the schools policies and procedures on Child Protection


Thank you so much for all your support and all the hard work you put in with my son wish you every success in the future.


Footsteps play therapy really worked for my daughter, everybody from the school minder and the family noticed huge changes in her. The sessions were very beneficial.


Our experience has been so positive that I cannot recommend Ann highly enough. The nice relaxing atmosphere prompted an immediate interaction between our daughter and Ann. Our daughter has learned new ways to play and get along with her friends, how to face challenging situations and we have as a family learned to collaborate better. Our older daughter engages better with her younger sister, who has also benefited from the techniques learned in play therapy and this will hopefully ensure our younger daughter will not have to face the same challenges.


Ann’s one to one play therapy service is the way to go, as she works endlessly to ensure the best possible out come and the feedback received from Ann was priceless.


I fell into Ann’s play therapy service after searching everywhere for my son to get support. I couldn’t be happier to tell you all how wonderfully caring and empathic Ann was to my son’s concerns. Even though it was a complicated case with various levels of help needed Ann didn’t pass me on, she worked with me and my son to ensure he was able to attend a special school, become more socially interactive and still is thriving today. He still recalls his sessions with Ann with the biggest of smiles.


I would be happy to recommend Footsteps Play Therapy. My 8year old daughter attended play therapy sessions for a few months and the changes in her confidence levels, self-awareness and empathy levels were amazing.  I will say I did as a parent find it somewhat difficult not know what was going on in the sessions, there were times I wished “I was a fly on the wall” but Ann would reassure me and say “Trust the process, if there is anything to worry about You will be the first to know” It was this engagement and reassurance that enabled us as a family to grow and our daughter is now grown into a beautiful mature young girl who integrates well socially.


Thank you for all you did, Ann. Your practice is warm, friendly and relaxing. My 11-year-old boy found it so easy just to be himself with you knowing that you really cared made a real difference. I know he will remember his sessions with you fondly forever.


Ann is a great therapist and she gained my son’s trust almost instantly. He always spoke very fondly of his sessions and loved going, Ann’s guidance and careering attitude gave my son the sense of safety and warmth that enabled him to develop his self-confidence, voice and become more outgoing.


As a parent, I could not really understand what happened in this room of toys, all I know is IT WORKs It works because the environment is safe and nurturing. My daughter would go in stressed unable to communicate verbally and she would come bouncing out, extremely happy and even sometimes be whispering.  As some sessions went on YOU guessed My daughter became more outgoing, communicative, plays out on the streets/ road/ park and has lots of friends. I cannot thank Ann enough, it has been learning for us all and the support that Ann gave was amazing. The worse part of Play Therapy with Ann is it can’t last forever x


A great Therapist, my son was always happy to go and the play therapy really worked on helping him find his voice and becoming more independent and confident. My son now has many friends, we are all happier. Definitely, recommend.


Since attending Ann’s Play Therapy service my son’s mood has definitely lifted, he is happier in himself, and the hints and tips that Ann provides are tailor-made just for our family. Ann uses all the experience to put in place a holistic approach where she ensured we were all on the same page.


I couldn’t recommend Ann and her service enough, by helping our son become a happier, more content and confident child our whole family and home life has become so much more comfortable and less stressed “Ann’s Days” certainly made the difference!


I would highly endorse Ann’s service, she helped get my child’s bed wetting under control, build her self-confidence and reduce her tantrums. Great service Great person.


Ann is very professional. She has great compassion in her work which helped both my son and myself. I would highly recommend her to any parent who needs this type of service.